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The purpose of the Florida Dairy Goat Association is to promote the Dairy Goat and it’s products in a positive and productive manner through a cooperative and educational statewide club.

Dairy goats are the ideal family dairy animal.

They are small, alert, intelligent, and easily handled.

Kept on even the smallest of properties, goats return the cost of their feed in

economically produced, delicious, and nutritious milk. Loving and very

social animals, goats quickly learn their names will readily answer when

called, and thrive on love, attention, and good care. 

To all FDGA members and fellow goat exhibitors :

From Judy Rummel, FDGA President and Annual Conference Chair:

Hello FDGA members,

Hope this message finds all of you well.

I am sending this message out to let you know the FDGA Officers/BOD and Conference Chair have reviewed the results of the online poll on whether or not to hold the Annual Conference this year. Results were about 50-50 and so with that in mind, along with the uncertainty of the UF venue availability and obtaining quality speakers, the decision has been made to cancel the Annual FDGA Conference this year.

We are discussing options for the 2020 Annual Membership Meeting with it most likely being held as an on-line, virtual meeting on Saturday June 27, 2020. Time TBD.  More information on this will be posted as it becomes available.

With the cancellation of the conference, we still want to be able to offer our membership some educational opportunities. We are looking at trying to expand on our member workshops this fall. We are considering offering another beginning soap-making class along with one with more advanced techniques for those that have already taken the beginner’s class. Other ideas include a hands-on AI class this fall (bring your own goat), a mozzarella/feta cheese making clinic with homemade pizza for lunch, and a meeting focusing on product marketing including a discussion of the the cottage food law and how to properly label your products to meet the requirements of Florida laws. We would also love to hear back from our membership on other class ideas.

Also coming up quickly, we will being sending out ballots for officers and Board of Directors elections. If you are interested in running for a position, please get your letter of intent to Beth Kennelley (edke@ufl.edu) this week. We have 3 board of director positions open this year and all Officer positions are open for election this year.

Hope to see everyone later this year and looking forward to a better year in 2021,

Judy Rummel
FDGA President

For more information about our club, call Judy Rummel at 352-665-3066 or email rumhillacres@gmail.com

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