The purpose of the Florida Dairy Goat Association is to promote the Dairy Goat and it’s products in a positive and productive manner through a cooperative and educational statewide club.

Dairy goats are the ideal family dairy animal.

They are small, alert, intelligent, and easily handled.

Kept on even the smallest of properties, goats return the cost of their feed in

economically produced, delicious, and nutritious milk. Loving and very

social animals, goats quickly learn their names will readily answer when

called, and thrive on love, attention, and good care. 

Our 2019-2020 Membership dues are due, see the Contact/Join Page!

Our 2020 Goats in Gatorland (GIG) and Rutfest will be in Newberry, FL March 28th and 29th
ADGA 3 Ring All Breed Dairy Goat Show
Does on Saturday the 28th and Bucks on Sunday the 29th

For more information on 2020 GIG and Rutfest, contact Beth Kennelley at devonshiregoats@bellsouth.net or 352-494-5852.  GIG 2020_Rules and Entry Forms

For more information about our club, call Judy Rummel at 352-665-3066 or email rumhillacres@gmail.com

Last Update 2/1/20

For website, email samiray@earthlink.net